Heart of Passion is 100% volunteer-driven and donor-funded.  We love that community ownership and are grateful for every person that makes us tick.  After many years focusing exclusively on our teen leadership program, we look forward to a new phase of growth with increased community engagement through new volunteer opportunities for all ages!  If any of these interest you, please fill out the quick form below and we’ll be in touch!

  • Volunteer Recruiter – To keep us running at our best, we’d like to maintain a certain number of leaders, mentors, and volunteers.  We know they’re out there but can’t always connect!  We’re looking for someone who likes to work independently to play matchmaker.  This role can operate at either the national or local level.  Our biggest recruitment season is late spring through early fall.
  • School Liaison – We love bringing together students from a variety of schools and volunteers from all walks of life.  While word-of-mouth has served us well, we would like to establish more formal relationships with schools to communicate volunteer opportunities for students, leader recruitment drives, and promote other engagement.  This role is at the local level.  The need is greatest for the spring semester.
  • Community Liaison – Our goal has always been that our programs and events reflect the local community.  One aspect of this is participating in community events!  This role is at the local level and would be available ad hoc to represent HoP at events for nonprofits (information tables, Christmas tree decorating, etc).
  • Alumni Liaison – The HoP family is real, and we’d like to help graduated leaders and former guests/volunteers stay connected many years after their leadership years or High School days.  The alumni liaisons would keep our graduate lists up to date, communicate current news and ways to help, and eventually begin coordinating reunions.  This role can be at both the local and national level.
  • Fundraising Event or Gala Committee – To both involve more of the community and strengthen our foundation to expand programming, we would like to establish annual or semi-annual fundraising events in each city.  This role is at the local level.  The time commitment and timing depend on the type and size of the event chosen.  We currently need steering committee members but will fill smaller roles as the events approach.
  • Thank you note writer – While our leaders personally thank their donors, we like to send a handwritten note from HoP (along with tax receipts).  This role can be at the local or national level and requires conscientiousness and a warm writing style.  The busiest times are late spring and early summer.
  • Hospital Pack Packer/Deliverer– We would like to revive our hospital pamper packs (name subject to change) to brighten teens’ hospital visits.  Volunteers on this committee would solicit donations, assemble packs, and/or deliver them to our partner hospitals.  This role is local to our affiliate hospital cities (currently Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas (TX), Greenville (NC), Jackson (MS), Knoxville, and Savannah).
  • Pro Bono Professional – This could include tax accounting, legal advising, PR strategizing, grant writing/reviewing, etc, and is a national level role.  Professionals in the medical field (doctors, nurses, PAs) are needed for advising and for volunteering as chaperones at Red Carpet Retreats (four-day commitment in Atlanta, Charlotte, or New Orleans.  No cost to attend if travelling from an affiliate city.  Background check required).
  • Leader Certification Program Professional Pool – Love our LCP but can’t commit the time of mentoring?  Join our professional pool to show your willingness to help leaders practice cold calling or to provide feedback to their projects.  This is a self-scheduling role on the national level.  Background check may be required.
  • LCP Elevator Pitch Judge – Our leaders practice and perform their pitches so they can be comfortable meeting with businesses.  They submit both their written and video pitches.  Judges review these based on a provided rubric to identify the top written pitch, top presentation, and top overall.  This role is on the national level and requires a self-scheduled, several-hour commitment in the late winter.
  • Historian / Data Analyst – The HEART in HoP beats for the hundreds and hundreds of guests and volunteers that have joined us over the years.  We would like a person or small team to help us (1) find and share stories past and present, and/or (2) help us establish and measure data points to better tell our quantifiable story.  This role is on the national level and will work closely with the executive team.
  • Newsletter Team – In 2017 we are going to start publishing a quarterly e-newsletter to share HoP stories, profile our volunteers and guests, and promote both cancer and teen leader causes/news.  This role is on a national level and could involve researching, writing, and/or design.
  • Spread the Word! – Some people are blessed with the gift of sharing good news!  On your own time and in your own style, spread the word on the work and mission of HoP.  Here are some sample social media posts and email to help you get started!
  • What are we missing? – Have an idea for plugging in that we haven’t thought of, yet?  Share your idea and we’ll see what we can make happen!


Thank you for taking the time to learn about ways to volunteer your time and talents with Heart of Passion.  If any of these roles sound made for you, please fill out the interest form below!  Check back regularly as our needs and roles may change!

Volunteer Interest Form